Oh mijn god

This book had to be made because of my interest in and fascination for the devotion of believers. As a girl who grew up in a Catholic environment I never felt the deep conviction which I saw in other believers. For various reasons I lost faith but my fascination with strict believers remained. What is their reason to believe so deeply. What does faith and God bring them. I have interviewed and photographed five religious women about the reasons why they believe and what faith gives them. The texts and images of these women can be found in my latest Dutch documentary photo book ‘Oh mijn God’. Here you can see and read how they give meaning to their lives. It is a bound edition, printed in offset and is 22,5 x 17 w x 1,3 t. The book counts 108 pages, has a isbn 9789090298368 and has been published on November 15, 2017. It can be ordered at bol.com by this link

Radio 1 interview November 23, 2017

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