— What, How, Why

As a portrait and documentairy photographer, she satisfies her need to meet people and discover more about their lives. Fascinated by human sincerity, she is always looking for personal truths and for the thing that really matters to one’s life.

She photographs preferably people who live in private circles and communities hidden from sight. By getting close to their true core, there is a chance to touch human authenticity that hasn’t been shown yet. That’s why it would be a dream to photograph Máxima Zorreguieta in her home and daily life.

She is easily capable of gaining access to personal stories of people. Having access to these people is vital to her process. Because of that she is able to capture a glimpse of someone’s personality and identity and create honest images; raw, intimate, sweet or sad. Through sincerity and honesty one can feel them and be convinced.

— Who

In 2012 she successfully completed her Photo Academy in Amsterdam. Before that time she had been active at an employment agency as a recruiter and at a high school as a teacher Dutch.

Both professions show that she has always been interested in people and their motives. Therefore it was a logical step to start as a portrait- and documentary photographer after she finished her education in 2012. In that time she was nominated for the photoacademy award and had several exibitions in Amsterdam Groningen, Eindhoven, Rotterdam and The Hague.